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Bruce Butler



Over the past 10 years my company, PH&W Partners, Inc. has had in excess of 700 single-family properties insured with NREIG's program. I have had as many as 100 properties under the NREIG's program at one time and found the program to be very efficient. The "add and delete" process has been made simple and timely. Additionally, the level of experience within NREIG’s management team has proven to be very beneficial when reviewing coverage's, adding coverage’s such as flood insurance, producing lender required certificates and processing claims. Most importantly, I found the program to be cost effective relative to the coverage limits. Over the years, I have tried multiple "insurance" avenues but none had the price, efficiency, management, and consistency than I have found in NREIG's.


Mike Hambright -




To be a successful real estate investor, it’s important to align yourself with partners that have you covered in times of need.  Insurance is one of those things that is a necessary evil, and doesn’t seem to matter much...until you need it.  We work too hard to allow circumstances out of our control to impact our business, and in my time of need, NREIG was there for me. As the founder of FlipNerd,I regularly meet and network with high profile real estate investors, and never hesitate to recommend the good folks at NREIG.

Missy McCall-Hammonds



I have worked with NREIG over the last 8 years as my insurance provider. NREIG provides not only a great product, but excellent service. Anyone can collect a premium on a policy. NREIG makes sure you are appropriately covered for your exposures, your liabilities are limited, and you are not "over insured." When we have had a claim, NREIG has made it an easy process. They have listened to our concerns, and given us a sence of calmness knowing that they are working to our benefit with our carrier. When we make a claim, it is usually a difficult event, such as a house fire. They are great at just being there to assure us that our claim is handled appropriately.


The Whole Crew

Hilton Properties, LTD


Rarely do you find genuinely kind and caring people in today's business world. Most often the person on the other end of the email or telephone provides the bare minimum courtesy and service needed to deal with you and get you gone. Not so with the wonderful folks at NREIG/Affinity. We have about a hundred different properties insured through them. Consequently we constantly are bugging them to drop this property or add this new one. Everyone we deal with at NREIG/Affinity (Juli & Cheryl specifically) is a pleasure with which to work. Thank you all for the work you do!


Dave Anderson

Hot Ocean, LLC


I have used NREIG/AGM for seven years for my single family house portfolio and have had about 100 homes insured with them. In that time, we have had three claims all of which were handled promptly and appropriately. The program is quite easy to use and the team at NREIG/AGM is extremely responsive. I would recommend NREIG/AGM for your single family investment portfolio needs.


Vena Jones-Cox



NREIG is the only insurance agency I ever recommend to real estate investors, because they’re the only one I know who has taken the time to study and understand the very specific needs of investors. Insurance is a minefield for people who own multiple properties, and NREIG’s the only agency I’ve met in 18 years that can recommend the right insurance at the best price for the investor or landlord.


Ann Dahn

Cypress Springs Properties


We have been really pleased with the service provided us by the National Real Estate Insurance Group and Affinity Group Management. For us, the biggest thing is the price stability they have provided. No surprise increases every year. They clearly do what they can to create a service that we can count on – with never any thought of having to look elsewhere for coverage. The other thing is that their office staff is stable – and always available to answer questions and provide help. I've never once not been able to talk to a real, live person. Customer service is great.


Norman Orr

Assist Investors, Lubbock, Texas


Thank you NREIG and Affinity for your competent administration of your programs and your support of the efforts of those of us who need it. You provided insurance for my new property acquisition during renovation, while the insurer for my private residence for many years declined to do so. I look forward to a long, satisfying relationship with NREIG & Affinity.


American Association of Private Lenders



AAPL engaged in a relationship with NREIG to provide insurance services as a national supplier for our members in late 2011. Since that time, we have had several members inform us regarding their positive interactions with you. You really work on streamlining the efficient application of property and casualty insurance to the properties underlying the loans to their clients. Your ability to provide coverage under multiple scenarios including, vacant, occupied, and under rehab, and your willingness to provide coverage on a monthly basis without requiring six month or annual premiums is a real plus. We can't thank you enough for the values that you bring to our members and appreciate so much your interest in this market. Thank you for helping us save neighborhoods and rebuilding America.


Keith Edwards



I want to thank each of you for the professionalism and support that you provided. Submission of the claim was painless (although the loss wasn't). Follow-up was timely and professional, coverage was provided without any perceived hesitation and the reimbursement was quick. For 30 years I have had dealings with Insurance companies, (although very infrequent) and none were as quick, professional and painless as this. Thank you again.

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